The mission of the Chair in the Management of Employee Commitment and Performance is to contribute to the development of knowledge in the field of employee commitment, performance and retention.

Several businesses face qualified labour shortages and have difficulties recruiting talented personnel. In light of this situation, it appears increasingly necessary to create strong bonds between organizations and their employees. At the center of this preoccupation is employee commitment. Here are a few examples of research questions to which the Chair has attempted to provide answers over the last few years:

  • How do the various forms of employee commitment interact in predicting and explaining performance and/or turnover?
  • What role do supervisors play in developing employee commitment among the members of their team?
  • Which management practices and/or organizational characteristics foster commitment?
  • What is the relationship between commitment forms and targets, on the one hand, and employee health and/or quality of life, on the other hand?
  • Do employees’ and managers’ personality traits influence the nature and effects of employees’ commitment to the organization?